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PT. PUTERA REEFCONINDO TANGGUH, with a con​cept of total solution - is the answer for needs of quality and service speed especially for Customers.

Starting from experienced services of Reefer Container, Maintenance, and Repair Unit, operating to Depo Container, Factories, Harbors and also Ships - We did a lot of on point troubleshootings.

Until today, our Company keeps growing with diversification of supporting services, which are:

  • Sale unit for Reefer Container/Dry

  • Rental unit for Reefer Container/Dry

  • Supporting Spare Parts for all type of engine, such as: Thermoking, Carrier, Daikin, Starcool, and Mitsubishi.

PT. PUTERA REEFCONINDO TANGGUH is a Company specializing in Reefer Container/Dry Container based in Jakarta with vision/mission and global services that reached the whole Indonesia region - all presented for Customer's satisfactory.

For more than Twenty years PT. PUTERA REEFCONINDO TANGGUH has been operating in the filed as Reefer Container Service Specialist.

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For more than Twenty years PT. PUTERA REEFCONINDO TANGGUH has been operating in the filed as Reefer Container Service Specialist.

Established since 2020, PT. PUTERA REEFCONINDO TANGGUH is utterly confident in delivering services to Partner and Customers all over Indonesia. The service quality is always the best, guaranteed, and fast-response. Quality control and insurance also added up as our main base in becoming the leader of achieving Customer Satisfaction.

Business concept of PT. PUTERA REEFCONINDO TANGGUH is as a Total Solution Busines Service Partner with vision and mission as following: As a strategic partner who are able to deliver satisfactory and trust for Customer or Client - Therefore to build a network which mutually profitable and to increase capacity as demands developed.




Reefer Container

A Reefer Container is an air delivery unit designed to distribute cool air from the floor, through a specific T-shaped deck. Reefer containers allow a consistent and uniform supply of air throughout the entire shipment, and also ensure perfect air exchange between goods.

Repair Unit,

Maintenance & Service

PT Putera Reefconindo Tangguh provieds you with services for repair and maintenance of refigerated containers. We have highly trained refrigeration technicians, who can perform repairs and provide experts inspenctions for all Reefer Containers.

Sale Unit,

Rental & Sparepart

If you wish to expand or replace units in your fleet, our high performance used trailers will avoid long delays.

Our used reefer units arrive every day, so you can find a trailer you can count on quickly. Our trailers have a hot dip which can withstand road conditions or outside elements that come into contact with them.


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Carrier Manual Book (Service Parts List)



Starcool Manual Book (Service Parts List)

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Advices & Insights

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Things that Must be Considered for Reefer Container to Remain Durable and Prime

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If you are a frozen food or drug business owner, surely you are familiar with what is called Reefer Container. Instead of spendinf funds to rent for a long period of time, many entrepreneurs decided to own their own Reefer Container. Besides relatively standard prices, the needs can also be met continuously.

Without proper care, for sure the Reefer Container will not be durable or excellent for long term use. 

Therefore, regular inspection, maintenance and use of periodic servicing is very important. So, the Reefer Container will always last long and can continue to function properly.

1)  Before Road Inspection

Reefer Container care before loading or before departure is very important. The steps taken include: maintenance, modification and repair necessaries so that the customer's cargo can be safely and comfortably carried out until it reaches its destination, which of course efficiently.

Usually, the steps of Before Road Inspections are as following:

  • Cleaning (from dust and odors

  • Checking the inside of Container to make sure it is ready to contain or carry foods inside

  • Checking for temperature controller

2)  Checks Should be Done by Expert Technicians

Inspection may seem easy at first glance, but in fact, a technician is suggested to perform inspection and maintenance of your Reefer Container. You can get this service when you buy a service from an ISO standard container service provider.

Every once in awhile (3 months), a technician will come to inspect your Reefer Container and do feasibility test. If any damage is detected, you can contact the container provider to come and check your Reefer Container, free of charge during the warranty period.

3)  How to Make Sure the Reefer Container is Durable

To ensure that the Reefer Container remains durable, please do the following tips:

  • Place your Reefer Container unit not directly in the sun exposure, while also keep your Reefer Container from excess moisture. This is done by not placing the Reefer Container too close to the wall (give a minimum distance of one meter).

  • Clean the inside of the Reefer Container with a clean water hose regularly, at least once a month.

  • Pay attention to the circulation fan, keep it away from: dust, dirt, cobwebs or any other attachments.

  • Perform the Defrost process periodically, which is the stage of removing excess remaining ice from the evaporator coil, every 9 hours. For refrigerated cargo with closed vents, a 12 hour intervan window is required. As for refrigeration cargo with open ventilation, it is sufficient for a 6 hour windown interval.

4)  Replacement of Spare Parts if There is Damage

A good Reefer Container is one that is ISO tested to its innermost part and smallest nut. So, if there is damage, please do not try to replace the spare parts with unofficial goods, because it might cause harm in the future. Unofficial spare parts can damage the whole container over time.

Contact the container supplier if part replacement is required. This is where it is very important to buy containers onlly in places that are guaranteed, certified and trusted.

Let us together keep wise in using and taking care of our Reefer Container!




Untuk permintaan, pertanyaan, atau kesan silakan hubungi: 021-22406197 atau isi formulir di halaman kontak kami




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